About Gamelan Bay Kratom

We’d like to introduce ourselves—we’re Gamelan Bay, a different kind of Kratom vendor. We sell small-batch, high-quality Kratom at reasonable prices. Whether its classic strains or exciting new varieties, we’ve got the Kratom you’ll love; Green Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Thai, Super Green Malay and more!

We started Gamelan Bay because we were tired of buying Kratom from sketchy vendors who would screw up orders, disappear for weeks at time, or send us leaf powder that had been sitting in a musty warehouse for a few years.

What makes us different? It’s pretty simple. We run our company like a real business. This means:

  • Sell only the very best leaf powder, shipped fresh from Southeast Asia
  • Same-day shipping
  • Attentive customer service that’s all about you, the customer

Gamelan Bay is a labor of love from two Silicon Valley high-tech veterans who also happen to be herbal enthusiasts. We love what we sell and we sell what we love! Like yourself, we look for quality products at a fair price. And we believe success in the marketplace comes from surpassing customer expectations.

Quality Kratom at Attractive Prices

We’re confident you will find the quality of our kratom strains is unmatched by anyone in the kratom marketplace.

Purchase Kratom Wholesale

Interested in purchasing larger quantities of kratom? Contact us for wholesale pricing.

Reputable credit card processors are not willing to support kratom vendors. As an alternative, we offer secure eCheck processing through the highly-regarded Payliance gateway. And there’s a bonus to using e-checks. Because e-checks cost less to process than credit cards, we are able pass those savings on to our customers through discounts that range from 5% to 8%. (More about eChecks.)

We try each and every product we sell on Gamelan Bay. We’re confident you’ll enjoy our offerings (both domestic and imported), all of which are friendly to the environment and promote health and well being.

Be sure to check out the Kratom News page and feel free to contact us with your impressions and questions.