Kratom Topics Trending in Google Search

kratom topics growing in popularity

This is an article about Kratom topics growing in popularity on Google Search. We here at Gamelan Bay sell, use and love kratom, but for a lot of people it’s new! Kratom has been used for centuries in Asia. See our article What is Kratom here.

If you’re like us and you run an online store, you’re always thinking “how can I drive more online users to my website?”. Maybe you want to sell more products by showing up in Google Search on the first page, or understand what new products people are interested in, or to make sure you’re abreast of new trends.

No, this isn’t an article about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but that’s what we were doing when we discovered that Kratom Topics are Trending in Google Search. We were trying to research some keywords for our kratom online store (you’re here on the Gamelan Bay website where we sell kratom, ha!)

Kratom has been controversial in the United States over the last year. This has sparked a lot of interest in kratom. The topics all run together…

  • Is kratom legal?
  • Is it a drug?
  • What is kratom?
  • Can I grow my own kratom? (No, it grows in Southeast Asia). You can buy tiny plants from not so reputable vendors…but)

Here are some suggestions from the Google Search Trends :

1) over the last 90 days, Google users searching for kratom topics is up 160% on the Kratom Reddit page.

2) searches are up 140% for user looking to buy kratom at a retail brick-n-mortar shop. Gamelan Bay has a very successful retailer who purchases wholesale from us. Contact us about wholesale opportunities here.

3) There’s a strong interest in Kratom in Kansas. Go figure.


Check back often for new articles, buy a kratom sample pack of Kratom from Gamelan at a discount, or just enjoy your weekend!

Kratom Topics on Google Search